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Delivering claims innovation.

Delivering claims innovation.

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Endsleigh is now able to settle certain low-value claims at First Notification of Loss and this is part of their successful ‘one touch & settle’ process.

Endsleigh  | Rescue Customer Story

Making a claim is the first time our customers will test the quality of our service and for many of them it is their first insurance policy. We constantly seek claims solutions and new innovations to deliver our customer needs. Rescue Lens has proven to be the ideal tool for helping us deliver the kind of fast, convenient claims process our customers want and helps retain loyalty with our brand.

Simon Powell, Claims Operations Manager, Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh is the UK’s leading provider of insurance for students, graduates, and young professionals. They offer a range of products including motor, home, landlords, travel & gadget; and have found that one area of particular priority for customers is the time taken to settle genuine claims. Often times, collecting the information needed to validate and settle claims requires the customer to send in photo or receipt evidence to a Loss Adjuster, which can prove both time-consuming and inefficient from the claims department. Their customer feedback supported their views and helped Endsleigh realize that they clearly needed to find the right technology to make the process slicker and smarter.


Rescue Lens provides an interactive session between a claims handler and the customer which enables the customer to fully engage in the fulfillment process. Endsleigh is now able to settle certain low-value claims at First Noti cation of Loss and this is part of their successful ‘one touch & settle’ process. Endsleigh also owns a Loss Adjusting team, TCS Loss Adjusters Ltd, and they are successfully using Rescue Lens to securely capture evidence required to validate claims. This significantly speeds up the process as fewer visits are needed to customers’ homes. Utilizing Rescue Lens has proved a real win-win for both Endsleigh, and more importantly, the customer. As Simon Powell Claims Operations Manager for Endsleigh states, “Rescue Lens is a really smart but simple piece of technology that claims handlers like and customers are happy to use as they can process their claims immediately without delays.”


Since initiating a pilot program with Rescue Lens, Endsleigh has been able to:

  • Increase the number of 5-10 minute ‘one touch & settle’ claims at First Notification of Loss which used to take up to 5 days before using Rescue Lens.
  • Quickly validate incident circumstances by asking the customer to actually show them what happened – rather than tell them.
  • Reduce the touch-points for claims handlers and life cycles for customers.
  • Consistently achieve NPS scores of 10/10 in their customer insight program which surveys customers after settling their claims.
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